Version 2.5.x.0 (x/x/2010)

  • New: Updated sqlite version (
  • Fixed: Tooltip display error
  • Fixed: Minor bugs

Version (4/4/2010)

  • Fixed: Version Check issues
  • Fixed: Installation issues with mutliple users
  • Fixed: Minor bugs
  • Added: Ability to kill a running process
  • Added: Ability to copy process name to clipboard
  • Added: Ability to copy process path to clipboard

Version (04/02/2010)

  • Fixed: Wrong Double Click Events are fired
  • Fixed: Not able to monitor some interfaces
  • Fixed: Russian localization
  • Fixed: Minor localization issues
  • Fixed: Minor bugs
  • Added: Contribution Dialog

Version (03/26/2010)

  • Fixed: Visual Styles won't load on XP/Server 2003
  • Fixed: Tooltip not always shown on XP/Server 2003
  • Fixed: Some strings not loaded probably
  • Fixed: Welcome Screen Improvements
  • Fixed: Installation issues
  • Fixed: Russian localization (Thanks to Ideli)
  • Fixed: Improved Language detection
  • Fixed: Dialogs can now be minimized to Taskbar

Version (03/21/2010)

  • New: Full Windows 7 x64 Support
  • New: Connection Table which lists all TCP/UDP endpoints
  • New: Welcome Message with further instructions
  • New: Data Traffic Columns now sortable
  • New: Icon set
  • New: Italian localization
  • New: Russian localization (not yet completed)
  • New: Updated sqlite version
  • Fixed: All localizations now bundled in nsm.dll
  • Fixed: NetSpeedMonitor uses less space on disk than before
  • Fixed: Wrong Double Click Events are fired
  • Fixed: Whitespace and special chars stripped from database path
  • Fixed: Configuration now encoded as UTF8
  • Fixed: Configuration can't be saved (UAC issue)
  • Fixed: Configuration is reseted twice
  • Fixed: Data Traffic rounding issues
  • Fixed: Tooltip rounding issues
  • Fixed: Installation issues with mutliple users
  • Fixed: Minor Bugs

Version (05/18/2008)

  • Fixed: spanish translation
  • Fixed: feedback email link
  • Fixed: tooltip statistic showing old values

Version (05/16/2008)

  • New: windows installer (msi) setup routine
  • New: setup routine now includes all windows versions
  • New: spanish translation (thanks to El Sereno)
  • New: updated sqlite version (3.5.9)
  • Fixed: localization issues (german number format)
  • Fixed: wrong icons when using command line (nsmc.exe)
  • Fixed: vista startmenu issues
  • Fixed: performance issues with sqlite database (buffered)
  • Fixed: version check parsing error
  • Fixed: websites now in system defaults language
  • Fixed: configuration saving issues
  • Fixed: translation issues
  • Fixed: several minor bugs
  • Changed: background now transparent (classic themes)
  • Changed: default font color (classc themes)
  • Changed: version check now performed by nsm.dll
  • Changed: double click events
  • Removed: Windows Firewall quick link
  • Removed: unused nsmc.exe command line options

Version (03/26/2008)

  • New: font quality
  • Fixed: glowsize and antialiasing

Version (03/26/2008)

  • New: import/export wizard now supports *.db files
  • New: change value width
  • New: change default download text ("D:")
  • New: change default upload text ("U:")
  • Fixed: font issues
  • Fixed: configuration gets lost after reboot
  • Fixed: tab order of dialogs
  • Fixed: installer issues
  • Changed: "tahoma" as new default font for XP and Server 2003
  • Changed: application data is now saved in user directory
  • Changed: reset config now includes clear db and reset session
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